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February 2, 2011 | 4:22 PM | 0 comments
err ~ mcm ny la keadaan aku sekarang . gilerr kn ? papa , you see laa what happen to me .
huh ! frust gilerr la siall ! grr^^ i want to die like this pcx . bule ta ? da ta kuad agy daa .
hhuuaaa ! :'( .my heart is BROKEN ! really2 BROKEN ! I can not stand properly and I do not want to continue to state my lifewithout him at my side. ya allah, please la do not separate the two of us .. I'm tired to cry for fear of losing him forever ! dear :: please call me !
saye akan tetap tunggu awak text or call saye . biar pun sehingga saye maty .
saye jnjy saye tetap akan tunggu awak untuk selamanya . saye tak sanggup untuk kehilangan awak !
please don't make me cry again . i'm begging you , i love you so much now n for ever , till te end off our breath !

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Hello sunshine ebelibadi! Welcome to my unprivate blog. Mwehehehe lol, enjoy read my blog and don't forget to follow me dearest! much love xoxo

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