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what's you problems dear ?
March 4, 2011 | 3:46 PM | 0 comments
salam bloggie ku sayang . meh cny dekat-2 ,duduk rapat-2 , aku nak story ny .cdeyhhh gilakk ! about bestie aku sowg ny . cpe ? nme dy husna najiha . npe nan dy ny ? erm , dy da berubah gyler-2 laa siakk ! nmpk  aku pun , buad buduh jea .pz ue da tak tegur aku agy . sumpah ! saket aty laa .aku mct dy tp dy ta rply . aku anta kt wall dy mcm ny .

salam ,eh kau da npe ?mct aku ta rply ,kt skula da ta tegur aku Elly Sabtu ,Mawar Berduri agy asal ?ape mslh ?itew owg ade buad slh ke ?don't be a selffish bule ?grr !==' itew owg bkn TUNGGUL k !

ny .then dy balas 

who self-important right now ?? y0u know i'm not near the kind of stump there ?? i kind of do not exist directly in the gang was there .. i d0 not care all that .. after all ,, i was already t0o lazy to take out another ..

♥ f0r my frenz ♥
MrsBiebie Xaxau ,, Elly Sabtu ,, Mawar Berduri

korang mesti paham kan ape y dy mksud kn ? cdeyh ta lw bestie korang buad korang mcm ue ? mzty cdeyh kn ? ==' oke then aku balas alek ape yang dy ckp .

what the meaning so ? cpe y buad cpe mcm TUNGGUL ? kau y ta TEGUR itew owg agy oke ! FINE ! if you think be a SELFISH is BETTER , go AHEAD laa ,juzt one thing that should you know ,we all never make you kind of STUMP ! you are changed abruptly .then you want to blame us ? what kind of friend you ny haCyunx Jieha ? THINK crefully la dear !we all love you ,but what you already do ?

tp dy ta balas pun ape y aku anta . dy unlyne pun , ta tegur aku . ya allah ! cdeyh nyee aty ny . ape salah aku kt dy , aku pun tak twu laa . >.< then aku ade tag dy kt post ,aku ckp mcm ny .

Cyunx Jieha why do not you FACE to FACE with us ?do you think we all feel BETTER ,when all of sudden you change behavior ?Elly Sabtu ,Mawar Berduri n me ,feel VERY-2 sad with you change behavior !what's the PROBLEM ?PLEASE tell too us ! i DO NOT want our FRIENDSHIP was just kind of BREAK !PLEASE laa ,be HONEST !

tp dy ta balas agy ,hurmm . ape patut aku buad ek ? aku da habes akal untuk pikir nak buad ape , aku pun anta kt wall dy agy .aku cakap mcm ny .

I do not know what your problem actually,suddenly u accuse me make u kind of stubble.what wrong with my other friends,all of a sudden u change like this.if u see us all,u do not already commented,did not look right.inglorious is to us all this?until u do not respond all of us.what are ur problems Cyunx Jieha? swear!my heart is not quiet if u remember right temperament that has changed now!:(

tuh pun dy ta balas agy . ermm , weyh husna , ape masalah kau ny ? kau da npe ? kau berubah ttbe jea ny .aku ta tenang kau twu ark ble pkir pcl kau . elly ,ecah sume pelik nan pngai kau ny . PLEASE laa btw aku! :'( aku ta na itew PUTUS kawan oke ! 

ny ha bestie aku ! :'(

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