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why ? why ? and why ?
May 10, 2011 | 3:43 PM | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum .

hayy hooo kawan-2 y superb . -.-"
today i'm feel so sad ! errr >.< why ? hurmm
because he does not make me happy like always .
you know what ?i'm sure u dont know ryte ? --"
today's a day i did not see him at school last time .

in the morning , time at the rally , my eyes
sparkle looking for him but i do not see his nose at all .
i do not see any time he comes ? i ripped him last 
but do not see . i have no MOOD ! >.<
somehow , i had no idea . i feel bored if he does not appear
in front of me one day . huh ! i really-2 mish him very much !
I have passed he class, but he was not there.
my friend told to me that him come, but why I do not see his face? 
him self?or he deliberately avoid me? ya allah! 
I'm very sad: '(any one I got him for me like this? 
in class, I just shut up right away alone.

 all of a sudden, 
my eyes water flowing -.- "feeling anxious to play in my mind. 
erghh! why with me ni? I cried and kept crying.
why he suddenly changed? I do not know what wrong I was. during recess time, I was trembling and heavy feet moving. my head is sick, there was a sense of want to faint. but I'm trying to surviveback from school last time, I tried to find him. but the shadow he saw I was not. how sad it was my heart
only god only knows my situation 
at that time. :'( 

after coming home from school, I send a message to him. he treat me kind of want to just do not want. I apologize to him, I do not know whether I was a while back had left him, or he is leaving me. got the message is the message, he did not want to just kind of want to respond to me. that time, I guess I'm a kind of person who already do not have to. OMG! What's wrong with him? What he is actually a problem? for why he did not know of any near me? I was on the stump? wuahahahaha! I cried! I want him to first! O God! please return him the first is: '(

now he is in the process of persuading me. I'm not sulking, but I'm just disappointed + sad, he is my life, my soul. only he who reigns in my heart. Haha! I already started jiwang-jiwang. anything I love hervery much. although sometimes he made ​​me cry, hurt, disappointed, and many more lah. he is my life! without him I am dead. kind of song "TANPA" hikhikhik. ok lah, I want to go take a bath. bye-2 ! enjoyed itt yeahhh :))
P/S : actually , aien na update semalam , tp sbb tak sempat . ary ny baru bule POST ! hehe :)

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