Fiction and Fact
June 25, 2011 | 11:16 PM | 0 comments
assalamualaikumm .

heyy peeps ! aww aien bahagia bule tak ? kenapa ?
semalamm kann dapat DATE nan SUPERHERO aienn .
jakun ? bia laa . bwekss ! rindu gyler kt dy tww . haha xD~
itew owg date ta lme snad laa sbb mse tuh ayh dy dh smpai 
so dy pun kne balik kelass amek report card dy . mse nga date tuh .
time date ue , itew owg asyk gado jeaa . teheeeeee xD ! *bukan
gado betol betol aww . gado gado sayangg . hee :D *sweet tak ?
tak sweet punn ape aku kesahh ? HAHA ! 
suddenly , he held my hand , he graps tightly looked into my eyes 
and he say I LOVE YOU . after that , he kiss my cheek . OMG !
is it true ? or me in a dream ? NO ! i'm not in a dream . this is TRUE !
:'( he really-2 loves mee . now i'm happy with him . tengs for the day sayang .

NOTA CINTA : bby bahagia snad edop nan papa , tengs for the kiss and tengs because you make me laugh everyday . i gonna MISS the day . you are the only one that i have . I LOVE YOU <3

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Hello sunshine ebelibadi! Welcome to my unprivate blog. Mwehehehe lol, enjoy read my blog and don't forget to follow me dearest! much love xoxo

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