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July 30, 2011 | 11:21 PM | 0 comments

haha . tarikh tuh dah lepas kann ? hmm sedih kud tak dpt update time tuh jugak .
never mind laa , yang penting aku na update jugak even da berabad tarikh tuh .
ceettttttt ! berabad laa sangat kann ? haha xD oke laa aku tak nak banyak celoteh .
actually , tarikh tuh ANNIVERSARY aku dengan mySUPERHERO ♥ aww 
ckop sudah 2tahun 11bulann berchentan chintun dengan dy . jyeah ! dah na 3tahun laa .
i was very excited because i never want to love up in 3years . do not believe that !
ouhh papa , I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING DAMN MUCH . muahh :* 
kau TERBAIK , TERSAYANG , TERCHENTA , dan mcm-2 lagi laaaa .
oke tak twu na ckp ape lagii >< yang penting aku BAHAGIA gilaa selama dengan kau .
and bby hope our relation never end till the end of our breath 

NOTA CINTA :  i love you . i'm seriously madly in love with you . i've been crazy about you since the first time we ever really hung out .you're smile makes me smile, your laugh makes me melt, and your arms are my favorite place to be. there's so much else to say, so much else that i adore. when i'm with you, my heart begins to race.and my smile never leaves my face.Is that what you want to hear?  

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Hello sunshine ebelibadi! Welcome to my unprivate blog. Mwehehehe lol, enjoy read my blog and don't forget to follow me dearest! much love xoxo

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